Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Packing Up In The Library

Packing up in the Library, Mrs Knofflock styles!!!!!

Our Wonderful Trees

Here are our really cool named Pohutakawa trees that we are growing. Still small at the moment but next time you see them we hope they are much bigger.

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Inquiry Learning Project Presentation

Cheyanne and Emma sharing their findings from this and last term, from our environment topic. Well done girls a great effort!!!

I.B.L News Presentation

Anna and Zaina sharing their findings on the environment from this and last term. A wonderful effort girls well done.  Enjoy!!!!

Finlay Mihi

Finlay sharing his Mihimihi, well done to you!!!

Tannah Mihi

Tannah sharing her Mihimhi, well done to you!!!

Edith Mihi

Edith sharing her Mihimihi, well done to you!!